Summertime is in full swing around here at the Riggleman Household. I’ve been busy driving the swagger wagon, taking the kids swimming, to parties and much more. In the midst of all their summertime fun, I heard the constant plea, “Mom, I’m hungry, can I have a snack?”

While I love spoiling my kids as much as the next mom, having kids with special needs has made snack time a challenge. We recently tried altering the kids’ diets and have success in reducing symptoms. Click here for more about diets and ADHD or Aspergers

One way to help control symptoms of Aspergers and ADHD is to create a diet free of dyes, preservatives and extra sugars. When I found a store brand I liked, I was floored at the price tag, especially since my kids eat half a dozen a day in the summer months. So to save money and create a nutritious snack, I make homemade fruit Popsicles.

You can either use fresh fruit or toss in the leftover watermelon from the weekend BBQ. Adjust the amount of fruit and other natural ingredients to your kids’ tastebuds and enjoy!

Popsicle recipes

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