No one knows about the issue I’ve been dealing with for years. Even I didn’t know I had an issue. Yet it was there–lurking under the surface. It was waiting for me to not be dependent on Christ. It was waiting to spring forth in my weakest moment.

And believe me it did. It got me when I least suspected it. I had felt so terrible. Condemned, hopeless, guilty, and ashamed. Here I am, a mother, leader, and I’m sinning in the most basic form. I should have been better than that. In the most basic, simplest form, I needed healing from this disease that was taking over my heart and mind.

Have you been in my shoes? Something tells me little mama you have. You live in a modern-day Babylon. It’s walls have fallen and eroded, but her aroma of “do what feels right for you” and “you are your own master” permeates the everyday life. And if we aren’t careful, her perfume overwhelms us, leaving us wide open to be targets.

As I sat reading this morning, I came across the story of Jesus healing the man at the pool (See John 5). I could SO totally identify with that man. Did I run to Jesus for my healing? Did I allow his words to penetrate my heart? Have I been dependent on seeking his guidance?

No. Most of the time, we are all alike. In this culture, we fight against the tide thinking we have a handle on it. We go to church, hang out with like-minded people, listen to christian music, teach our children christian values. BUT–we are just like that man sitting by the pool, the perfume of our culture seduces us, leaving us to fall prey to disease (i.e. selfishness, materialism, jealousy). We try to make ourselves well because we are convicted by the guilt we feel. So then we resolve to do better and again the aroma of being independent of God, weakens our resolve.

We cannot get well, be well, or do well on our own.

Only going to Jesus and asking for his healing, can we get well and stay well. I love how Jesus looks with compassion to this man, sitting on the edge of the pool, crawling to get in. Jesus looks to him and says, “Do you want to get well?”Jesus then heals the man, even after the fumbles of excuses of trying to heal himself.

Take some time to go before God this morning-take your kids with you and pray. Ask God to reveal what areas in your life you need to hand over to Jesus for healing. And if you already know what they are, you can ask and be ready to stand against the seduction of everyday life.

Search me [thoroughly], O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there is any wicked or hurtful way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23-24 (AMP)


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