I just came across one of the most repulsive websites I’ve seen. While looking for scriptures for God’s plans, I was brought to a sight about how God is imaginary. Intrigued and wondering if it was taking a different approach to sharing the gospel,I was appalled to find that this man is spreading hate and a twisted view of our awesome God. This man (who needs many prayers at this point) has been deceived and is deceiving millions of people.
     He had several posts and concepts, one of which was about God’s plans. It was amazing to read through his informative speech, he went so far as to state that God’s plans were evil, twisting the concept of who God is, and twisting the word of God. Take a moment to read below what many non-believers in our nation agree with:

You can see how pervasive “God’s plan” is by looking in Christian inspirational literature. For example, if we look in the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, we find this remarkable paragraph in Chapter 2:
    Because God made you for a reason, he also decided when you would be born and how long you would live. He planned the days of your life in advance, choosing the exact time of your birth and death. The Bible says, “You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!” [Psalm 139:16]

There is also this:

    Regardless of the circumstances of your birth or who your parents are, God had a plan in creating you.

Under this view of the universe, God plans everything.

Take a moment and think about what Rick Warren said. Rick said, “He planned the days of your life in advance, choosing the exact time of your birth and death.” Let’s examine one simple implication of this statement. What this means is that God has pre-planned every abortion that has taken place on our planet.
If the concept of “God’s plan” is true, you can first of all see that God wants us to be aborting children. Every single abortion is planned by God, so God must be doing it for a reason. Second, you can see that both the mother who requests the abortion and the doctor who performs it are blameless. Since it is God who planned the abortion of the child (God chose the “exact time” of the death, according to Rick Warren), the mother and doctor are simply puppets who are fulfilling God’s plan, are they not? What about all the Christians who are fighting against abortion? If abortion is part of God’s plan, why are they fighting it? God is the all-powerful ruler of the universe, and his plan is for more than a million children a year to die in the United States through abortion. If God’s plan is true, then each one of those abortions was meticulously planned by God.
     Listen up mama’s, this is what we are standing against. This man doesn’t know the love of God, nor understand the true concept of the gospel or God’s plans. Yes, God has a plan for each one of us, unless we choose to follow God, we aren’t in His plans. These examples of cancer, abortion, and even Hitler were not caused by God but by man of his own free will
   Take abortion for example, yes God planned this child, yet the mother who didn’t think a child was part of her plan chose to abort the child. God gave her a choice and a gift. Sadly, she chose through desperation, and perhaps  heartaches to end the pregnancy. 
    In our modern day society, Christianity is quickly coming under attack, sometimes we don’t see the battle until it has made it to the front lines of our homes, but we do have weapons to combat this enemy. We must choose daily to walk with integrity, to resolve walking out our faith in front of our children. It’s time to start sharing the Bible in small pieces with our children so they can understand truly what the Word of God means, and to be able to hide the word of God in their hearts. 
    How do you as a mother handle situations that arise like this? How are you preparing your child in a world where many people believe that God is a delusion? Leave a comment and let us know what tools we can add to our toolbox in raising Godly children!

7 thoughts on “Modern Moms –Combating the God Delusion”

  1. Great post. i'm sorry it was promted by such dilusions. I am a mom of 7. I think many peopledon't even think about preparing their children for things like this. It is easy to get caught up in the schedule of church and family life and forget to purposefully take the time o talk to our kids about subjects like this. I have talked with them about people and messages such as this but your post is a good reminder to talk some more. Thanks, Melissa @ MelsDeals.com

  2. Your post had me doubting for a second what did I do to help my children prepare for a moment like this. But if you are Mom that thinks about how we prepare our children for a moment like this then chances are you have already prepared them. Building strong character, great self esteem and a awesome love and understanding of our faith all of those things that we teach our children give them the tools needed to handle a situation like you mentioned in your post. Which is a great post by the way. I am happy I found you and I am a new follower. I hope you will stop by my blog Saving Your Green
    sometime and follow back. I do a post each Monday about the Mom in Me that you may enjoy. Thanks again.

  3. Terri and Melissa, thanks for the follow and will be looking forward to your blogs.
    You are both so right, we begin by teaching them the foundation of strong character, love, and understanding. If we cannot walk out this examples in front of our children, we then fail them, and what God intended for us to when it comes to sharing our faith with others. Thank you for your excellent comments and perspective.

  4. Hey,
    I've been here before, but not since you have had this snazzy make-over. Looks good. Off to click around and learn more about the book you talked about over at MBC.

  5. If you are referring to my book, I'm currently waiting to hear back from a publishing house. Because I'm a nobody, it's risky to sign a first time author, so they wanted to see two other ideas as proposals. I submitted those last week and now I get to wait!

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