I think I’m going to have to throw out several t-shirts and shorts…maybe my whole wardrobe, maybe I’ll invest in burlap sacks. I’m currently in the middle of teaching my daughter about modesty with the help of Secret Keeper by Dannah Gresh. As my oldest and I watched the dvd series, Dannah demonstrated several tests to help us decide whether our clothes were modest or not. Apparently several of my t-shirts have the power to kill a small animal with the power spring in between the mountains…meaning my shirts are a bit too small. 
    These days seeing a girl at any age covered modestly is almost unheard of. It also tells me that our girls are facing an epidemic crisis of self esteem. Modesty is not only related to purity, it’s also related to how we as women feel about ourselves. The lower the shirt, the shorter the shorts, and the more skin barred means the girl baring it all, doesn’t realize her self worth in God’s Kingdom. It’s shocking and sad. 
    Before I became a lover of God, I dressed to impress. I dressed to get a man’s attention, and I dressed to show other women I was better than them. Yet at the same time, I knew deep down no woman should ever dress the way I did even though it was the acceptable thing to wear, even the latest fashion statement. My best friend Angela bursts into fits of laughter to this day over one of my favorite t-shirts I wore all the time…even to church. It was a fitted baby tee with, fire engine red, with white glittered block letters.

Heavenly Peak
Mountain Rescue

    Unknowingly I was presenting my goods to the rest of the world as something to take a peak at and base my worth on. Being a Godly woman now (and knowing what babies have done to my heavenly peak), I’d die if someone based my worth as a person on it. 
     What we wear says volumes about how much we value ourselves as women, what we base our self worth on, and who we are as women of God. If you have a daughter or are very new to loving Jesus, I highly encourage you to pick up the Secret Keeper Power Pak, which includes the DVD. Let’s show the world that we don’t have to give away our secrets to be accepted. Let’s show our daughters what a woman of God looks like. 

4 thoughts on “Modesty VS. The Heavenly Peak”

  1. This issue is VERY important to me! I have a seven year old daughter and it is shocking the peer pressure she is already facing to wear inappropriate clothing. I can be a bit of a prude I supppose. I don't even like tanks that are like shoe strings or short shorts. But these things need to be instilled at a young age or we will lose them as teenagers. Then again at the same time you don't want to push them away by your strict actions. It is such a fine line to walk.

  2. Good insight, ladies! Thank you for your comments. Its so true we dont want to restrict our girls to the point they feel like they are wearing burka's; yet at the same time, we want them to find value and self worth in who God created them to be. I want my daughter to feel beautiful without showing skin!

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