I think I’m finally getting used to my own ways of being a mom, everyone has a different mothering style, voice, tone, technique and approach. So imagine how excited I was to review this year’s theme for MOPS and to read the book, MomSense. Jean Blackmer, an acquaintance of mine who wrote MomSense simplifies motherhood. Instead of getting caught up in the hype of what could damage your child, the best way to potty train, breast versus bottle, and more, she encourages moms to take in all the advice, listen to your own instincts and do what works for you and your family.
        This insight is something I definitely need to be reminded of often. I used to feel bad as I watched other moms use quiet tones and distractions, while I was busy defining exactly where the boundaries were each and every moment for my kids. My parenting style needed to be different and I wondered if it was such a bad thing. That’s just it, MomSense is about trusting your own instincts, weighing the options of professional advice and running with what works for your child. Sometimes the stage changes and you have to stand back and weigh the options again. Learning to accept who you are and what works for your family makes motherhood oh so much easier, it takes the pressure off of competing to be mom of the year don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “MomSense”

  1. Heather,

    I felt the same way about MomSense! Enough with the advice- let's roll it up in a ball, toss it around, take what works for us, and believe in the incredible momsense that God gifted to each of us as mothers. God really did choose each of us to be the mother for HIS child(ren), and gave us the faculties we need to do it well. Go MomSense!

    Liz in Colorado

  2. I agree, have to find whats works or how to make it your own. If not I feel you can lose insight and focus by trying too hard to do it a certain method.

  3. I haven't heard of this book yet – but I agree with its sentiments exactly. Every family is different, and there is no one 'perfect' way to parent. I'll have to read this cause I am curious how she 'teaches' new moms how to hear trust in their own intuition and instincts. Its something I find I still struggle with!

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