The moment we become parents, we live and breathe for our children. We only want what is best for them. When God enters the picture, we want a holy, scared, spirit filled life. God is becoming increasingly less common in hearts, homes, and now schools. Over the last few years a clear distinction has been made between church and state. Kids aren’t even taught to say “Under God” during the pledge and now a school in Massachusetts is saying yes to children as young as first grade to be given access to condoms.
      Sex is scared, it was intended for pleasure, intimacy, procreation, and fun in the bedroom between husband and wife. With our culture ever becoming more grey with the saying, “If it makes you happy, do it.” No longer is it our connection with God as our moral compass. After reading this article, I am ever more thankful my husband and I are living for Christ Who has a clear set of rules, guidelines, and boundaries intended for our good. I’m also so very thankful we can send our daughter to a faith based private school where God is honored. Check out the link below and feel free to leave a comment about it.
Boston Channel, 1st Graders to be given condoms.

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