I bet the word ‘confessions’ caught your eye so you decided to read a little further. Sorry sister, nothing juicy or too exciting here unless you count how the enemy is plotting against me. By enemy, that generally means Satan or the kids, but in this case, Satan!
    The enemy is constantly dogging my conscience about what a better christian I should be. He is especially good at making me feel like a failure at setting that example for my kids. I must confess that my prayer life ebbs and flows with my daily existence, and yet I strive to constantly be in prayer and mindful of God speaking to me. Where I fail is thinking I need to be busy with Bible studies, sitting on church committees, and leading women. What I do not understand is why I seem to think those things are priorities. Can you find anything in the Bible that says any of that busyness will satisfy God’s desires for me? If you do, please call me! You and I both know it’s much more simplified than that.
    It’s about communication, and an open heart…It’s about prayer. Prayer is communicating your heart, thoughts, desires, dreams, failures, and worries to God. It opens the line of communications directly to your spirit. Without prayer, we cannot be sure of what God wants from us or for us. If you’re like me, you’ll open your Bible, but nothing makes sense. You’ll bumble about your day feeling satisfied because your spirit hasn’t connected with God.
   Here’s a few tips that you can not only incorporate into your daily life but into the lives of your kiddos too.

  1. Set up a pray alter. Purchase scripture cards and a small notebook, each more pull a card out, read the verse and write out your prayers in the notebook. Instruct your whole family to do the same. Before you leave for work or as you go about your day, you can refer back to the prayers of your family.
    • If you have little ones, simplify your prayer/scripture time. For example, our kids memorized Philippians 1:6 last week. The verse reads, “Now being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.” Our kids memorized it as “God is working in me.”
  2. Take small business sized note cards with you full of scriptures and prayers, set them about your home. As your eye reads them, send up a prayer to God on what that scripture prompts you.
  3. Have an accountability partner. Meet or call a friend once a week to prayer for each other and help each other strive to pray daily. 

Are you a prayer warrior? Leave a comment with how you incorporate prayer in your daily life? Have kids? What do you do to teach them the importance of prayer?

2 thoughts on “Revelations Of A Mama Prayer Slacker”

  1. Hi Heather I am following now. I have scripture posted around the house too. Also I try and keep set times of prayer so that as a bare minimum that happens but I try to keep prayerful throughout the day but I am a work in progress.

  2. I am now following… found you from MBC! I am a prayer failure and want to turn that around to being a prayer warrior!! I so need lots of accountability, but it is hard here. The hubby and I moved here to East Texas a year ago and I still don't have many friends. It has been hard to make friends since I am a stay at home mommy. The community group we are in is compiled of many couples that are much older than us so I don't know many women my own age. The 2 girlfriends I have made are moving away soon. LORD send me some Christian women my own age!!!

    sorry I was rambling…. thank you for the encouragement!


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