This weekend is a time to honor our mothers for all the sacrifices they’ve given us. They ruined their bodies to carry us, endured excruciating pain to birth us, spend countless nights awake to hold us as we wailed. Then they did their best to launch us into the world, hoping the thousands of prayers they’ve prayed over us will help sink our roots into our mighty God. 
     Our moms then couldn’t be any more ecstatic when we ourselves become mothers and we repeat the process as we dream the possibilities for our children. But when the unexpected becomes the reality, mother’s day isn’t as the same. What do we do when our worst fears are realized? What happens when the doctor tells you something you never expected that results in a life altering existence for your child?
      Mother’s day is sure to be celebrated and grieved at the same time. There is still do much joy that our child brings us and yet we grieve the dreams that  have become stillborn; all the while praising God for the child He created in His image so perfectly. We hand the child over to God (after all, she is only loaned to us for a little while), and tell Him to show us the plan He has for her; and that’s when He whispers to our hearts, “She will be fine, she will be more than fine, the struggle will be harder for you than it will be for her. Just I stood by and watched the struggle my Son endured so you could be with Me, it will be the same for you. Little Mama, don’t you think I know how it breaks your heart to watch your child suffer and struggle? Don’t you think I know what it’s like to know about what your child is going to have to endure? I AM with you, I AM with her and I’ll carry you both when you think you can’t go on.” 

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