My van is the jack of all trades. It’s a classroom, office, hotel room, bathroom (don’t ask), trash can, time out room, a museum, Sunday school, and more. I never expected that I (well the van really) would do so much while just being on the road. Even though I’m not a truck driver, I’ve logged more than my fair share of hours. There’s the morning run to take Cheyenne to school, an hour later we take Elijah to school. Then two hours later my youngest and I drop off Kaile while picking up Cole; only to wait 30 more minutes to pick up my son (I know, it’s confusing). Not to mention afternoon pickup and errand running!  It’s roomy enough that I can space the kids out for the most part so we all arrive to our destination without a war breaking out. Of all the places that I ever expected to impact a kid, I never thought it would be while driving. I get to teach Cole about the art of sharing and accepting his new baby brother while teaching Kailie that bragging and bossiness doesn’t get her many friends on the playground and encouragement to sing her heart out for Jesus. I get to teach all of them in the early morning that God painted those beautiful colors in the sky just for them because He loves them! Of course I get to add a little Riggleman flare to their lives with our  rich vivacious taste in music. Everything from the Go Fish Guys to Superchick. They get to go home repeating moral type lyrics to their parents.

          God asks us in more ways than one to build each other up. What better way to build up my children as well as my daycare kids than while sitting in the van. Think about it? They’re a captive audience. So take the time to really get to know them. Use their comments, stories as teaching moments in impact their lives for God’s kingdom. You can plant the seeds of faith while sitting behind that dreaded steering wheel. One day their hearts will recognize His voice when He comes calling in their lives.

6 thoughts on “Multitasking In a Minivan”

  1. I agree -I always try to take advantage of my captive audience in the van. My kids are still really small so I don't know how much listening they do. But I do find a sense of power in the fact that my husband can't escpae me when we're going 55 down the highway!

  2. Well Naked Mother, I so totally agree. Even thought they are little, they taken in more than you think. I love your insight about your husband. That is so true!

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