The house isquiet with the cold evening air wafting in and I can still hear my kids settlinginto their beds for the night. Only minutes before, I was practicing my, I. will. Not. Yell. skills from Tori’s wild fun ofrunning into our hollow door closets, while Elijah chased her; and of course,Cheyenne was trying to ‘mother’ them with bossy shouts of, “Knock it off!”
   I know that theyhaven’t fallen asleep yet and my nerves are tense with what they may pull outof their sleeves to fight dreamland. As I sit here waiting, I know there arelittle angels wiggling around somewhere in those bodies. 
     As much asnights like tonight frustrate me, I know they’re growing up. Even their footstepstip-toeing down the hall sounds different compared to just a few monthsbefore.  They grow so fast and yet timestands still with tantrums, trials, and parent-teacher meetings.  Nothing will be as simple as it now when allthey need is for me to hug their problems away, be their play mate, creatememories with cardboard boxes and outings to the pumpkin patch.

   Maybe I’m a little reminiscentbecause I’ve learned how quickly regrets can void a life, or maybe it’s becausemy littlest is now three. Or maybe it’s because their snow pants from ninemonths ago are three inches too short. Those three inches mean they are growingup; I’m not their whole world anymore.  
    Oh my darling little babies take your timegrowing up. Enjoy the stillness of the night when I rub your backs to sleepafter we say our bedtime prayers. Make each moment count, enjoy being the agethat you are, find God’s dreams for you and have fun developing the talents youhave.  Don’t worry your pretty littleminds about what you’ll do someday or what your friends are saying; enjoytoday, I know I am!

   Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be wishing time would move a bit faster with some of their tantrums and “Mommy Mommy Mommy moments”, in the mean time, I’ll post “Never Grow Up”  from Taylor Swift to remind me of what I’ll be missing in a few short years of what God has blessed me with now. 

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