What is it about potty training that makes a child feel she holds all the power in her hands? Anybody know what I’m talking about? Experts say that girls are quicker to the use the potty than boys, apparently they haven’t met my daughter. We started out potty training when she was 25 months. She was ready and doing it on her own. But, once she realized that Mommy liked her going on the potty, the power struggle began. So I tried bribery, stickers, toys, good cop – bad cop, and of course crying.
       Instead of going on the potty, my strong willed child will dance, squeeze her tushie together, and hold it in for all she’s worth. After the smell of her dirty deed has given her away, I’ll ask, “Tori did you go poo-poo?” She will push her blond locks out of her eyes and get eye level with me and then say, “Nope!” So the struggle begins to take her to the changing table because she would rather waddle around with the filth in her pull-up than change it.
     Tactics and schematics are going to change when I get back from a trip I’m going on next week. All that I ask is that you pray for us! Mommy will be enforcing the potty training boot camp. Granted I know experts say to wait until your child is ready, but I question whether they had my child in mind when they made this blanket statement. In the meantime, tips and advice would be handy, not to mention contact info for a ‘potty training whisperer.’

2 thoughts on “Nope, I Didn’t Do It.”

  1. Oh man! Sounds rough. We just started with our little girl (15 months), but it's pretty hit or miss. No real success stories yet. We're trying to get it done before baby #2 arrives in 2 months, but it's not looking promising!! Hope you have more success!

    Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

  2. Let me know if you get any good tips. My little guy is almost 2 (at the end of the month), he'll pee on the potty (but I have to set a timer and make him go, or he'd totally ignore it), but wont poop. Ugh, what a struggle! Good luck

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