The bravest thing I’ve ever done was let go of who I wanted to be and embraced who God meant ME to be. Living authentically scares the hell out of anyone because it means bearing your soul–your true self. It doesn’t mean wearing a superman cape and conquering the Perfect Woman image our society has been pressuring us to be for years.

It means performing a 180 – a complete reversal in attitude and performance. Instead of living how we think we should live by someone else’s standards, we live out each day exactly how God wants us to. A friend taught me that. Favorite drinks in hand after a long run, she drove us down country roads. Top down, music blaring, she taught me to be me. 

No words, no lecture. Just the moment when I let down my guard and wonder why it was up in the first place. And my friend met me in that moment. The first time I was real with her and myself. 

I want to pass this on to you. For those of you who come to my blog for nourishment, I want you to take this to heart. You are enough, just as you are. 

You don’t need to lose 10 pounds. 

 You don’t need that promotion.

You don’t need a child to make your marriage stronger.

You don’t need a different job.

You don’t need better behaved children.

You don’t to talk to yourself in the mirror.

You don’t need anything else. 

Be you, don’t try to be the next whoever–be YOU. 

Embrace your voice, your gifts, your talents, and deposit them into the Father’s hands. And let the process sift you. Let your soul simmer and soak. 

In order for me to be enough, I’m letting go of all the things I thought made me. Over the years, we collect bits and pieces of ourselves through life lessons, mistakes, success and what others speak over us. We lose the heart of our soul because it’s packed full of untruths and muddy. So in essence, a refining is taking place. I look at what is surrounding me and decide what is going to define the path to the future. 

God knows I wished I would’ve done this when I was a young teenage girl. I imagine you wish you could have done the same before life happened. But here’s the thing, you can be you and flourish as this refinement takes place. 

Gather those who speak into your life and sit at their feet. Take heart what they’re telling you. I have a MOPS mentor who reachs into my life every so often and moves my heart profoundly. She knows how hard it is be brave and keep my voice and path steady. She reminds me to keep going.

Heather Riggleman Brave

Confide in a close friend who God is calling you to be and she will pray for you. 

Write down the things you want to let go of and tuck it away because the journey is just beginning. 


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