“No. NO! NO!” I moaned. It was barely six a.m. and I was in for it already. Tori had strolled into my room at five-thirty asking if it was time to get up. I was so tired from being up with her all night long from her upper respiratory virus. I mumbled for her to play. She pulled on my covers, so I told her to change into her panties trying to buy a few more precious moments of sleep.
       Before long I had no choice but to get out of bed to get the kids off to school and wait for the arrival of my daycare kiddos. As I puttered around the kitchen, I kept catching a whiff of something, well, poopy. I snipped at my son, “Elijah remember we don’t fart in front of ladies, you do that in the garage with your Daddy.”
“Mom”, he whined, “I didn’t fart.” I wasn’t awake enough to argue the point with him and needed to get Tori dressed. So again puttered toward her room, and then I saw it! Poop was smeared down the comforter on the edge of her bed from where had sat down to change! Poopy wipes next to her poopy pull-up. I rushed out to find her and she was prancing into the kitchen with poop stained undies (Oh, yes the graphic details are necessary).
       My morning consisted of bleach induced cleaning frenzy on top of the chores I was behind on. It’s days like this when I purposely run to God. If I don’t it’s too easy to be irritable, crabby, and consumed with chores. The rest of my day didn’t go as planned either (like anyone plans for poop on the sly), and that included  being 15 minutes late picking up another daycare kiddo from his preschool; not to mention battling terrible two’s with Tori. We’ve had at least seventeen different stand-off’s, all before lunch.
     Instead of being sucked in to negativity by a stealth poopy, wars, and anxiety, I let go of everything. There were moments when I wanted to snap, scream, and growl; instead I made the conscience choice to “Let go and Let God”. My day isn’t going how I planned, I’m tired, and poop isn’t my favorite topic. Instead of giving into the crappy moments (no pun intended) and allowing my day to be ruled by Tori’s rear end,  I’m choosing to rest in God.

      Have you ever had mornings, days, maybe even  weeks like this? How did you handle the day? Did you give it to God? Share your story!

2 thoughts on “Poop on the Sly”

  1. Now that Jana is 4, we aren't dealing with as many poop and pee incidents, but those days are certainly still fresh in my memory.

    Today it's just me making trouble, like spilling paint all over the brick fireplace. Fun fun!

  2. Lol…that sucks. I'm sure we all have our fair share of days like that. I can't wait till my son is 100% potty trained.

    and letting you now you have a new follower on gfc 🙂

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