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Week 4

2 thoughts on “Prayer Journal Scriptures Week 4”

  1. Heather, tonight as I came home after admitting my 7 year old into a mental hospital, I googled looking for peace and some form of solace in my decision. I hoped so much to find that I had made the right decision and that he will be safe out of my hands. Your blog came up in my search. I am, by no means, a religious person but spiritual and know that God is real and there are people out there with more wisdom than I. I am grateful for this blog and your words tonight. I have read your prayers and feel that prayer is all I can turn to at this point.

    Nitro, WV

    1. Ashley
      My heart goes out to you. I am humbled you stumbled upon my site and my heart aches for your arms which no doubt are missing your child. I’ll be emailing you shortly. Be looking for my email. Riggleman5 @ GmailDOTcom.

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