Wow! Mamas. What a week?  So many moments I want to savor and at the same time I think, “Thank God, we got through it.” Like Tori’s preschool graduation. Like rushing to get kids home from school, getting Tori cleaned up, coordinating the other two kids’ schedules to go somewhere so I don’t have to worry about giving them the look to be still. For for the love of Pete–SUPPER! What is for supper? 

It’s been a wild ride for the last 15 years. Crazy. Motherhood changes us in so many ways and in other ways, it reminds us to be like children again. To enjoy the sunshine, to tumble in the grass, to cuddle on dark stormy nights, to enjoy every bite of ice cream, to walk around bare foot and heart free. 

This, my friends is motherhood. And thank you for joining me here–on my blog–so we can take this journey together. This week’s journal verses for you and your family to journal are a tribute to you–the very glue that holds your home together. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Click here for your weekly print out (or download) of scriptures. Prayer Scriptures Verses Week 9 Mothers Day


How to Journal Prayers with Your Family. 


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If you want to start a Family Tradition of Journaling Prayers together, this week is a great week to start. Print out the scripture journal verses and place them where you family can see them. Read the verse and ask your kids what it means to them. Let them think about it, then journal a sentence about what it means. Then have your kids use the acronym JOY to journal.

*To simplify, they don’t have to journal about the verse but you can still recite one verse to them bring God’s word into their lives. Click here for a printable Kids Journal Page using JOY: Kids JOY Journal Page


J- Jesus – What are you thankful for in your life today?

O-Others-Who needs prayer, your brother, teacher, grandma?

Y-You- What do you need prayer for? Do you need help to control your temper, to share more?

Here are some tips below. Otherwise visit this link to start scriptures at the beginning:


Tips to Journal Prayers with Your Kids 

1. This can be done several ways, you can purchase notebooks and have each child journal in their own notebook nightly, together at the table as a family. Or you can do it a couples times a week. Find a way to make it work in your family’s routine. Otherwise consider a prayer alter and ONE journal. 

Tip: Use One Journal. If keeping track of several journals isn’t for you. Use one notebook and create an alter. Select a scripture to read each day and have your children write, color or draw their prayer requests in the same journal. When you have time, prayer over their prayers and talk with them about before bed. 

2.  Time. Select a time that works for your family. Whether it’s in the morning, right after school or before bed; find a time and designate it as prayer time.

3. Let go of expectations. Like I said before, life happens. If you don’t get to it today or tomorrow, that’s okay. The important thing to remember is you are laying the foundation for them to build upon and to keep it at. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will their prayer life. 🙂 Keep at it, little mama. 

Tip: If you want to begin praying over the lives of your children, purchase Mark Batterson’s Book: Praying Circles Around Your Children.  It’s $2.99!

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