I’m not sure what it isabout children that have been orphaned that breaks my heart but somehow itdoes. There is something truly supernatural happening though. More and morefamilies from Kearney are being moved by the hands of God to adopt. The thoughtof a family working hard to raise funds, relying on feverish prayers andtrusting in God to bring their ‘other’ child home makes my heart swell. Maybeit’s because I’m a mom and the fiercely unconditional love I have for mychildren takes over my senses. I cannot imagine what a mother was feeling orthinking the day she choose to walk away from her child.
      And then to be the childthat is being adopted, oh the love her family has for her already. The blog Istumbled across tells of the ups and downs of adoption. It’s extra special tome because the daughter they long to bring home from Russia has special needs.Had they not chosen to adopt Nellie soon, she would have been transferred to amental institution. How many parents dream of having a special needs child orprepare themselves for one? Special needs children are just as precious aschildren without special needs.
     Why I chose to blog aboutthis today, I’m not sure. Perhaps it will move your heart to donate fundstowards the cost of adoption; to bring her home to a family is priceless. Perhaps it will move yourheart to begin praying about what God has in store for you.

You can visit Beth and Dan’s blog about adopting Nellie at: Praying Her Home.

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  1. Heather, while driving my daughters to school on this morning, we were talking about special needs children. Then I came home and read your heartfelt post. I agree that special needs children are just as precious as those without special needs. I will view the link suggested in your post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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