Note: Several years ago, we began our journey towards wholesome eating due to the special needs our children have. We learned with Aspergers and ADHD that we can help alleviate some symptoms in our children through their diet. We cook as much as we can from scratch and avoid dyes, fillers, & preservatives.  This also means we limit our meat consumption due to hormones and other factors generally found in meat.

We aren’t entirely vegetarian as we use local farm eggs and love a bite of sushi once in a blue moon. In the mean time we focus on organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables and opt for Almond or Coconut Milk, use Earth Balance for butter and so on. In other words, we research what is best for our body and streamline our diet towards healthier eating. 

We’ve found our taste buds are more alive and we have more energy and our kids have fewer symptoms.  Let me know what you think! 




Side Dishes 

Supper with all the fixings – Main Meal with Side Dishes. 

Wholesome Junk Food & Snacks

Breads, biscuits,rolls & wraps


Crock Pot Ideas


Freezer Friendly for OAMC



Roasted Chickpeas  (2 recipes)

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