Are you baking impaired? I am, I even burn grilledcheese, but have no fear, if I can do it, you can do it!
I’m doing something a little different this morning! I’mposting about my attempts to bake in the kitchen. I cannot bake or cook verywell for the life of me. Sure, what I make on a daily basis is edible, but Ireally want to improve my Betty Crocker skills because my husband outshines mein the food department. So when the kids want cookies, they ask Daddy to bakethem, not me. Seriously, I would like a little more loving on what I put in frontof them to eat, including treats!
So here is a videodemonstration of Red Velvet Cupcakes that I followed!
Into the oven they go!

A grainy picture of my assistant cleaning the dishes! Ignore the messy hair, she refuses to wear hair ties.

And Frosted! They aren’t the prettiest but they taste good!

Included this photo of what they could look like if you are gifted in baking! So try the recipe if you’re stuck indoors this weekend. Bake with the kids, they love spending time with Mommy and getting a sugar fix in the process! Let me know if you tried the recipe or if you have tips on making them a bit more attractive!

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