Ever get the feeling that there is more to your life than the way it is right now? It’s like standing on the edge of an abyss knowing that you’re supposed to cross it, knowing you will, and you’re waiting for the right time. Even though there is no bridge in sight, you’ll take a step out into thin air. You know you’ll walk across without your feet ever touching anything, you’ll walk across on the invisible hand of God. 
       Presently, that’s how I feel. There’s something more that God has intended to do with my life. The prospect is exciting and yet it scares me. I know that I’ve been called to reach other broken and incomplete hearts for God, to tell them of the passion and love that He’s poured into my heart. 
        My heart has been ignited and the fire is roaring to share with the lost the essence of who He really is.  He didn’t save me from suicide attempts, rape, mental illness, depression, and cutting to just live life the way I want to. There’s a reason for it all. Sadly, many of my friends/family don’t go to church, and the ones that do are just going through the motions. Here I am struggling to break free of the status quo, scared because I feel ill equipped and yet I want I want to pour myself out for Him. 
         It’s just not in the area of writing and speaking to teen and women alike, it’s also ministering to the hearts of my precious babies. Each has gifts and personalities created for the purpose God has in store for them. It’s my heart’s desire that each of them will not only obey God but also have the same unrelenting passion for Him. So here’s a few thoughts for you to chew on.
      When was the last time you thought about His love and it made you cry? 
      When was the last time you called on His name in the night?
      When was the last time you asked Him about what He wants you to do with the gifts He’s given you?
       When was the last time you sat down and actually had a conversation with Him? 
        Take this moment and think about His love, His purpose for your life. 

One thought on “Reflections From My Heart”

  1. Wow Heather…I feel like I am standing in the abyss with you. Life is about to do a 180 on me and the only way I will survive is by standing in God's palm and taking one step after another. Thank you for sharing and for blessing my day!

    I hope to get to know you better. It's always wonderful when God brings another woman with such passion into my life!



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