Call me mean but I’m pretty excited to count down the days to school being back in session. That means more free time to actually clean my house, read a book, not have to defuse constant stand-offs among my brood and the ‘Mom, I’m Bored Activity Jar’ will get a break. I’m the type of mom that loves school breaks, snow days, and about the first two weeks of summer. After that, my spontaneity and carefree perspective has changed. As a stay at home mom and babysitter to two extra boys, I crave structure and  consistency; apparently so do my kids because my son asked me when his school started again.
“Mommy when does school start?”
“In a couple of more weeks, are you ready for school?”
“Yeah, I’m tired of having to listen to you all day long.”
OUCH! But I do get his point, he likes adventure, socialization, and not having to be accountable to all of his chores. Are you the type of mom that enjoys summers or do you need structure, schedules, and downtime? What are you looking forward to as the school year begins?

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