I’m pretty close to throwing a fit! Why might you ask, well check out the picture…OK it’s not really a picture of the guys outside. I didn’t want to look dumb by standing out in the front yard in my sweat pants pointing my phone at the nuisance (They may take it wrong anyway.) Parked right out front are two trucks, two guys, several orange cones, and two very loud chainsaws! Normally I don’t mind noise or something new to look at to break up our mundane routine for preschoolers…just not at nap time. I need my babies to sleep! They need their sleep. Otherwise as the afternoon rolls on, it could mean more nasty fights, nasty attitudes, and no reprieve for me. Call me selfish but I’m positive that nap time wasn’t invented for children, it was invented for mommies. We need that downtime, a reprieve so we can regain our strength (and most times sanity) and  march on into the afternoon with smiles! Even as I type this, I’m cringing as the chainsaw gets louder as it saws off a thicker branch, seriously can we give the gas trigger on that chainsaw a break? Better yet, can you come back later and do a tour for my four year old’s? So far my babies and daycare kiddos are still sleeping. I’m praying they will sleep at least another hour. Just another day in the life of a Mom right?

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