As a SAHM it’s hard to think our jobs are something not valued or skilled when we do nothing but break up fights, wipes noses and rear’s, clean, cook, and clean some more. There is more to life than the ‘must do’ daily domestics. We are the anchor’s to our children’s view of the world. We are teaching them the fine boundaries in life. We are preparing them to spread their wings from the moment they are born…but dare I say, what about us?
    As a SAHM, we sometimes feel like life our own skills, abilities, passions, and pursuits are benched; especially the first 5 years of our children’s lives. I’m here to tell you that is SO not the case. Though you have one or more ankle biter’s constantly attached to you, motherhood is only a part of your identity and you can still impact those around you. While parenting your children is your primary calling, you can still branch out and affect others with your example at home.
      11 years ago, I became a teen mom. After the initial shock wore off, I buried myself in pursuing a degree and raising my first child. After my second and third were born 8 plus years later, I felt called to stay at home (besides just the financial issues of 3 kids in daycare). There were moments when I felt that I was nothing more than a maid in my in home. I wanted to reach out and impact others and wasn’t quite sure how I would be able to do this, because my son was a holy terror in public. However, God had a plan. I began attending a Mops Group (Mothers of Preschoolers) which became my life line to the adult world. It not only helped with feeling isolated, it gave me tips, resources, and connections for my children, as well as my own sanity. It helped me embrace motherhood for all its worth.
    Over time, I would see a teen mama in the grocery store or at the clinic and my heart went out to her. Others were giving her looks of pity or disgrace because of her ‘predictument’ as a teen mom. I, however remembered vividly what that was like, so instead of ignoring her as if she didn’t exist, I would stop to ask the normal mom questions, like “How old is your child?”, or offer encouragement.
     I saw how she struggled with the her child in discipline, patience, and felt God nudging me about Teen Mops. So this past fall Teen Mops with a lot of help from friends and my steering team, we launched Nebraska’s only Teen Mops group. I now have the best of both worlds. I get embrace being at home with my children while being able to use my skills, passions, and resources to help other mamas. So with that I would be honored if you read the article linked to this post. It’s a from the Kearney Hub. Maybe it will jar something that has laid dormant in your heart for so long. Maybe your heart is calling you to share your skills, passions, and talents with someone else.

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