If your life is anything like me, you’re probably trying to find your keys and get to the next desitation while avoiding the drive thru lane at Mc’D’s! So here are a few ways to organize your snack bin and lunch bin in your fridge!

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My Tupperware bowl, you can add raisins, pretzels, wholewheat crackers, oreos, etc in snack bags too!

Each time I go to the grocery store, I purchase a variety of healthy snacks and some not so healthy snacks. When I get home, I put the serving into snack bags and throw it all into the bowl. It sits in the bottom of my pantry where they can grab a snackwhen they want.

This also goes the same for my refrigerator. I have apples, cuties, whole and some in baggies with a little bit of lemon juice,sitting in my crisper drawer.

This idea is great to not only help give them independence, teach proper portions, but it’s great when you’re in the run to the next dance recital or park. Just grab a few bags and go!

Lunch Time

Lunch time is another area where we tend to get stuck in a rut, either we think our kids won’teat it, or we are tired of the choices we have. So make the choices you have fun and visit one of my favorite sites that my friend Stacy directed me to, www.superhealthykids.com. Here is what I do for lunch because my kids like it simple.

Elijah’s green tray with snowman turkey, star whole wheat bread and string cheese.

Fun lunch with snowman and start cookie cutters, the kids can help create the shapes.
Okay I had to add the pink tray picture, per Tori’s request, She didn’t think it was fair to upload just her brother’s!



On the run

For those of you who have baseball and dance right after school, consider making sammy’s or Lettuce Wraps ahead of time. Lettuce Wraps are super easy to prep, pack and eat on the road as long as you have a cooler with you. We love to make these for off-roading trips as well as lunches for camping trips.

Ingredients include:


-Romaine Lettuce Hearts

-Veggies, pictured are thinly sliced red bell peppers, but other ideas we have tried are:

  • onion slices, fresh or pre-grilled
  • chopped tomatoes
  • sliced olives
  • julienned carrots
  • halved slices of cucumbers
Other Options

-PB & J Sammys

-Mini Subs

  • sliced oven roasted chicken and black forest ham sammys on french brea
  • Canned or packeted tuna or chicken

Simply purchase the items your family eats and leave out the condiements (except for the PB & J’s). Build your sammys and then wrap in indivudal portions.


1. Purchase snacks and snack baggies.

2. Read the labels of your snacks and scoop the measured portion into baggies.

3. For fresh fruit, make a few bags ahead of time, wash and slice, add a squeeze of lemon juice.

4. Designate an area in your pantry for your kids and a drawer in your fridge.

5. Purchase supplies to make your own sandwiches. I usually make my own french bread, then add the things my kids like in between bread. Next slice it into small sandwiches and wrap it up with syran wrap. Whenever you or your kids are hungry or on the run, you have a bin full of heathy sandwiches and snacks!

5. Less whining and hearing “I’m hungry” from your child, and they are learning the proper portions!

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