Growing In Hope Anyway

Hope creates and maintains a different reality as we learn to untangle ourselves from what we thought it should be. All of the unbecoming in order to become is a messy process but the new reality is unimaginatively better. You will realize that everything that happened was supposed to and you are right where God meant for you to be because you were holding onto hope anyway.

When the walls fall and what’s left is devastatingly lovely

If my life before had been comfortable like a one room school house, it was now transformed into a classroom of the world. If I were to dig through the files of your life, I’m certain to find a defining life change of your own.
And now you’re life is standing in the mess of day seven. Whether you’re ready or not, here comes trial inducing change. And the desperate question of why. How can I make room for change when I didn’t want it in the first place. How can I live my life well when it fills foreign spiritual white space. A blank canvas.

Because You Need a Home Team to Lay You at Jesus’ Feet – Brave Moms need a Home Team

Everybody has a home team: the friends you call when you lock yourself out of your house once again and ask for the copy of keys you’ve given them or the person you talk to when something terrible happens. It’s these people who know what’s wrong with you and love you anyway. These are the…

No Really, Date Nights MAKE You a Better Parent (includes 102 date night ideas from The Mom Initiative)

Ugh. It’s Friday afternoon, the week has been BRUTAL–as in no breaks, extra pressure, unexpected deadlines, disasters, concerned emails and phone calls from teachers, and kids who seemed to have turned into wolves; and then my phone chirps. A text reminding me this evening is Date Night. Just to be sure, I check the family…