Of Fig Leaves, Christmas Letters and The Mafia

What if you and I could focus on the meaning of this time of year instead of the shame we carry over the mistakes and mishaps our family has encountered. As moms, it’s our jobs to make our family look good. As moms, we’re the ones who sway others with our stories and words. And we’ve lost the ability to be real, to share our hurts and joy. Somehow we’ve lost our identity and we face the shame our families aren’t perfect.

Your performance doesn’t define how God loves you. Bring your performance anxiety to Him.

Friends, how I’ve missed you so! These last couple of weeks have been brutal without my computer. According to my Tech Team, my computer got the big one–a nasty malware virus. It killed my precious companion. 🙁 SIGH… As if that wasn’t enough to irk this techymama blogger, our internet has been on the fritz.…