What is it about soon to be five year olds and their mission to be obnoxious? At this point, I’m really hoping that it’s just a stage and my son will not grow up to be a not so funny comedian. Lately our mornings begin with him kissing my rear (yes, my rear) and then farting before he dashes off screaming like a loony tune character.
In his eyes, everything is a joke or can be, plus the more he can irritate Mommy, so much the better! When I’ve had enough, and begin chasing him through the house to send him to his room, he finds this hysterically funny. He also considers farts, burps, and strange repetitive nosies funny too.
As annoying as my son is at the moment, I have to sit back and admire his zest for life. He will be five next month and has a unique perspective on life, he enjoys the simplicity of what he’s been given. He somehow seems to know that life is a gift and every moment, good or bad is to be enjoyed. Case in point, when the poor kid has diarrhea, he will nearly fall off the toilet as he laughs robustly about the nosies coming from his other end. Most of us would be miserable, instead Elijah is laughing about it.

In any given case, I am trying to see the world this his eyes. Sometimes I think the very reason God wanted us to raise children is because of their fresh perspective on life, to view the world like it was brand new. As we age, we tend to lose that child-like faith and point of view, especially after trials and tribulations we all face. This perspective is especially important to me as I’m continuing to walk through some dark moments. Elijah reminds me that the God is here with us, walking besides us. We can give Him our trials and hurts still be able to smile through it all. Even though Elijah’s mission in life at the moment is to be as obnoxious as possible, he is teaching his mommy some very important lessons!

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