Turkey day is tomorrow and I made Turkey Bingo cards to spend some fun quality time with the kids and extended family. I got the idea from my daughter’s pre-school and loved to see how excited the kiddos became when their candy created a “bingo.”

photo 1

Click here to download and print your bingo sheets: Thanksgiving bingo

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If you have older kids and are looking for a way to talk about thankfuls, I’ve got you covered too. I also created thankful cards, I’d show you a cute photo of them but I seemed to have lost the memory card. 🙁 I assure you–these are CUTE!

Click here to download your thanksgiving thankfuls: Thankfuls

photo 1


BINGO Instructions

  • PREPARE:  Print out  BINGO cards for each child plus an extra for the  call sheet.  Cut out the call sheet and put the squares into a hat or bowl.
  • DISTRIBUTE:  Hand out one Bingo card to each child (each card should be different).
  • CALL:  The caller should pull out one image, describe it and show it to the children.
  • MARK IMAGE:  The children will then place pennies, rocks, candy, fun foam pieces or something similar on the called image if it is on their card.
  • WINNING:  Once a predetermined pattern is made on a card, the child with that card calls out BINGO.

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