Blogger friends gather around me and breath deep. My site ( died today–no back up. Nada. Zip. Zilch. 

Between the site for teenage moms, their mentors, counselors, teachers, parents, etc and all the walls I’ve hit with trying to get my manuscript done, this was the last straw. 

This mama sat down and cried after throwing a few things… but it is all in God’s timing right?

My vision is to reach the hearts of teenage moms, to empower them to embrace the messiness of motherhood while introducing them to the gentleman of their dreams–Jesus. Because if I can reach just one heart, she will change the next generation. 

The site is in the process of being rebuilt, but here is the link to the first post. Fresh, from my heart and a sneak peek at the book, Detour: Surviving (And Loving Life) as a Teenage Mom.


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