The sound of laughter, the giggles, creative play, and smiles is what makes motherhood worth while. It’s in these little moments captured in the depth of the camera lens and in my mothering heart that I cherish my babies so much.

This moment was captured just after it the clouds sprinkled the ground and the temperature was barely 60 degrees. Instead of drawing pictures on the sidewalk, my oldest decided to use her face and her siblings as a blank canvas, and they became moving art, or as my husband puts it, “Honey, add bathes to list, the kids went tribal!” These days, with the weather just starting to turn from winter to spring, it’s still too cool and wet to release my high energy prisoners into the great outdoors. I’m just as antsy as they are to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and embrace spring as the season will soon race into summer.

In the meantime, we stay huddled up in doors, waiting for another warm afternoon to be outside. That’s one of the things I love so much about Nebraska! You never really know what the weather will be like. Like this afternoon, it’s Janaury and yet, we can be outside, barefoot and wearing shorts! My childhood years were split between the hot heat of Arizona and the wild terrian of Wyoming. Most of my years in Wyoming were spent counting down the days to our three months of warm weather.

(A quick note, this is my youngest, isn’t she the CUTEST!)

But here in Nebraska, this is where life gets sweet, the sun sets at 10:00 o’clock at night, captured by radiant sunsets spanning over tall rows of corn. This gives my kids plenty of play time, almost all year around. In the meantime, I better get off here and get those kids into the tub before that chalk gets imprinted on my walls!