You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

I’m a serial killer of sorts. Mainly plants, sometimes grass or a tree. I can’t help but see a gorgeous plant and think it would be so beautiful in planted in my front yard. Fast forward a few days and you’ll find husband patting me on the back as I lament over the latest plant I’ve murdered. Things like this have a way of scaring a woman. It makes her question why God created her female in the first place when she can’t even nurture a plant.

So when my husband presented me with a gorgeous baby orchid for my birthday I wanted to clobber him. I KNEW its days were numbered just like the rest of my kills. Besides I didn’t need something that was going to be a reminder of what a failure I was in this particular area of nurturing.

It was a risk to entrust its care to me and it was a risk to believe I could actually keep it alive despite my past experiences. Yet if I didn’t risk…it reminds me of something C.S. once said, “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”

I truly believe there is a time for risk. The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of risk-taking. In fact, the writer of Ecclesiastes says there’s a time for everything. A time to plant, a time to uproot and everything in between. My darlings, risk is in the middle of planting, uprooting, being called to something new or staying.

It’s STILL alive and it bloomed again!

My loves: Risk is vital to our souls. Risk is a part of life in order to grab hold of what is in front of us and let go of what’s behind us. To risk demands we face our fears. It demands we lay down our insecurities. To risk is to show up with our crazy dreams and fight the voices of doubt. Each time we step out in faith—we risk. We don’t know the results of this leap but God does.

When we risk it all for His sake, we put our heart on the line and it speaks volumes to Him. It’s in these moments your roots grow more than it ever has. He put the desire for risk in each one of us.

How do we know we’re on the right track? Because it feels uncomfortable. Because it feels exciting. Because it spurs wordless prayers. Because it’s an adventure. Because it takes a partnership with God to get it done!

Just this morning, I was talking with my friends about risk. One friend is weighing the risk of starting a new mom’s group. Another is weighing the risk of asking her boss to share Jesus more at work. Still, another just launched a business and is pondering the risk of trusting she’ll have clients to keep her out of the red.

Every time we step outside of our comfort zone, our spiritual roots grow just a little bit deeper. When we take calculated risks, we discover what we are capable in HIS hands. In all honesty, risk is a season of trust.

Recently, not only had I taken a risk on a silly little plant but I had also taken the leap towards a new job. One that scares me and thrills me all at the same time. Like my Orchid, my time had the University allowed my roots to grow deep, yet it was time to uproot. During this fallow season, my heart had a chance to rest but I felt a tug, a nudge, a whisper. It was time to do something new. It was scary to think I could it, but I knew I wouldn’t be doing it alone.

And here’s the thing my darling, you’re never alone. He is with you every step of the way. Live brave. Live big. Trust. Release the fear and take the risk.

How would your life look differently if you did?

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