“YO! This is how I roll!”

     The things my kids say and do keep me on my toes. It melts my heart after hours of frustration including timeouts and “What on earth?” sessions. Just this morning, after raking fall debris from our spring-filled backyard, I noted there was hardly any sand left in the sandbox. I commented to Tori who was shoveling what she could into her truck, “We need to go get a truckload or two of sand this weekend, don’t we?”
To which Elijah pipes up from all the way across the yard, “Ya Mom. You need to go to that desert place with the Cat In the Hat with Daddy’s truck and get some. But it’s gonna take all year to do it, so you better go now.”
    Where does he come up with this stuff? It’s hilarious. When he’s not cracking me up, he’s busy flirting with the ladies. My son is four years old and knows that charisma and his sweet smile will make any college chick or older giggle at him. If they aren’t giggling, then the ladies are busy pinching his cheeks, telling his mama how lucky she is to have such a handsome boy…”Gee don’t I know it? You should see him when I tell him no about something”.
    See the picture above? Yep, this is how we cruised all over Yanny Park, Tuesday evening after a Teen MOPS. He INSISTED on wearing the swim goggles. Bewildered and tired of dodging his pleas and justifications, I relented. Every girl that he passed giggled and told me how cute he was. One in particular told me she hoped to have a boy like him some day. Hmmm, I wonder if she would still think that if she knew about his fancy hair episode Sunday night?
    Part of Elijah’s chores are to help rinse dishes which is no big deal until his vanity gets the best of him (wonder where he gets that?). Elijah hopped down from his chair and went to the bathroom. Five minutes later he came back into the kitchen with spiked hair (a.k.a. fancy hair). As I continued to wash, it suddenly dawned on me that he cannot reach the sink on his own.
“Lige, how did you get your hair wet?”
“Like my fancy hair mom”, he questioned with a grin, as side stepping my question.
“Lijah, how did you make your fancy hair?”
“I put my head in the toilet and rubbed my hands through my hair” he stated proudly!
Much to my horror, he was putting his toilet germ infested hands all over my clean dishes. It took every muscle in my body to refrain from scrubbing him with bleach and a brillo pad. The things they say…or do for that matter. It keeps us on our toes and the everyday life full of possibilities.

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