These last few months I have been hanging on by a thread to get through the daily domestic duties of mommy hood and life itself. The very idea of grocery shopping or playing with my kids wore me out. Tired and irritable were the words that described how I felt. Within an hour of being at the Women’s Weekend Retreat, I was able to put a finger on it. I was spiritually burned out.
          While I was there God impressed on me through workshops, prayer, worship, I was running on empty. Empty as in this clay jar was cracked and couldn’t hold any water. I enjoyed being in the presence of God and didn’t this joy and sense of being poured into to leave me. So why was I so dry? I hadn’t taken the time to fill my cup. Sure I read my bible, went to church, and sent up a few ‘Help me’ prayers; but that left me dry. Without posturing myself to hear from God and actually spending time with Him, what can I expect? So this week I tested my theory. Each day when I laid the kids down for nap (asleep or not), I got my journal and got alone with God. The outcome was a much happier, less irritable Mommy.

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