As this year comes to a close, I’m reflecting on moments which were pivotal in my role as a mother, wife, and child of God.  The books that have changed me are the ones which have driven me to my knees to pray more, to seek God more, to live more simply, and to be me–the real me, not the painted, primed, photo shopped version everyone else puts up for their social media profiles. 

1. The Circle Maker 

Circle maker


I could not put this book down. It breathed new life into my daily prayers and infused my prayers with a passion to beat on heaven’s door for my children. It opened my eyes to the power prayer has and how we can begin building our children’s futures through prayer. 

Not only did it change the way I prayed for my children, it changed the way I viewed my calling to be a writer. I’ve prayed over completed manuscripts and the ones I’ve recently begun to write knowing God has a plan and a calling for each of us. It’s you to you and me to pursue God as our partners. 

2. Undaunted 



As women, we come from all sorts of lifestyles, some more broken and wounded than others. What I love about Christine’s book is how she opens your eyes to the strength, future, and possibilities God has for us if we allow him to work through our brokeness. Whether you’re a great mom or you’re fumbling through the day–this book will open your eyes to the extraordinary way God works through YOU. 

3. Unwired


I was guilty of being on my computer or phone all.the.time. Sally’s book not only helps you open  your eyes to the life you are missing out on, she gives you the steps to live unwired. This book is a must for any mom who has an email account. :-() 

4. Sight Shift


Life changing, ground breaking. A must for any church group or just for yourself. We all have shame we tend to carry and when life happens we think it’s our fault. McAlister walks you through 5 actions to freedom from comparison and fear. And being a mom–we all need a reality check on how much we compare.

5.  Permission Granted & Other Thoughts on Living Graciously Among Sinners and Saints.

 We live in an age where even churches are blurring the lines of what is Biblical and what isn’t. So how are we supposed to NOT judge sinners and love them? Margot opens your eyes to these questions through Jesus’ example which is relationships. 

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