iStock_000017171991XSmallOkay, so I TOTALLY have John Mayer’s words stuck in my head but I have a good reason! Really 🙂

It’s not because he has a sexy voice or reminds me of the ways my husband loves me. His song “waiting on the world to change” struck. And…. IT. STRUCK. DEEP.

It was a combination of things. Seeing hungry faces of starving children that our church plans to make meals for. Listening to a child cry because of a mother’s harsh words in the store. Knowing a friend’s marriage is in trouble and her husband doesn’t care about her. Encountering women whom I shared my deepest prayers as they ignore me in the hallways. Listening to other rants about loud Christian people like me and that I should keep it to myself. All I saw were mountains and heartache.

Where was God in all of this? How am I supposed to reflect him when this is what I see. At some point, I became a by stander instead of illuminating the world with God’s love. I thought maybe John Mayer has a point. Maybe we do need to wait on the world to change, how can one person really make a difference?


“God, everyone is either dogging me or telling me I won’t make a differnce or to mind my own business. How can I make a difference, it’s SO overwhelming. I feel so beat down no matter what I say or do. Even when I try my hardest to reflect you, I manage to fumble.”

God’s response…. ( Of course, he likes to wait until the middle of the night when I feel especially burdened and humbled.

Are you pleasing men or me?

Hello??? YOU!

Are your ways higher than my ways?

What does it have it do with hurting children, tired moms, cold faces and hungry stomaches?

What does your worries have to do with them? Is it not the YOUR understanding about the heart I created in you?

This week after being totally misunderstood after giving my life story (Arrested–grab a tissue before reading) and feeling the heaviness of so much heartache, I muddled through another day’s mess. As I pushed through the day of chores, being a “Yes” mom and a “No” mom, one silly song hit my heart like bullet looking for its target.

It startled me because it wasn’t a “Mommy loves you” song or a “Jesus, hallelujah ” song.

John Mayer….the younger or more modern-day version of Hugh Heffner had a point I could not ignore,

Waitin’ the World the Change.

Work with me here girls…..check out the video.

As the tune filled my kitchen, my heart began to soar. God’s voice was in tune with John’s.

I am the way, the truth and the life. Reflect me as you wait for me to change your heart. Reflect me in your passing prayers. Shine through me with your smile and helping hands. You don’t need to wait for the world to change.

You and I are the change! You and I have a choice…..let Jesus reflect in us or the worlds.

I have the power to smile at that overwhelmed snappy mom.

I have the power to sack meals for the hungry.

I have the power to forgive and smile at those whom are no longer friends

I have the power to prayer for that marriage.

We don’t need to wait for the world to change.


2 thoughts on “Waiting on the world to change”

  1. Great post Heather. I know we have to be the “light” to the world, but like you said, sometimes the world overwhelms us with the negative. Glad you have made a choice to look at the positive and be an encouragement to others.

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