It’s July and it’s HOT HOT HOT! Muy Caliente. Have no fear though, I put together a list of activities to keep your kids cool. Ready. Set. Go!

Popbottle and Max 0032

1. Redneck Water Sprinkler:  Grab an old pop bottle, poke dozens of holes and thread onto hose.

I’ve seen others attach with duck tape.

pop sprinkler

2. Water Balloon Teamwork:  Divide children into two teams.  Have the children pair up within their team with a partner, back to back and linking arms.  Place a water balloon between the two players.  Have them carefully walk to a designated spot with a bucket.  Together, they must get the water balloon in the bucket without popping it.  After they run back, the next two players can go.  The team with the most intact water balloons is the winner at the end.

3. Recycled Ice Water IMG_1375

Recycled Water Fun: Momma’s Fun World

4. Wet Sponge Relay:  You will need two buckets filled with water, two empty jars, and two large sponges (like car wash sponges) for this game.  Form two teams.  Each team makes a line next to a bucket filled with water.  When the game starts, have the first member of each team put the sponge in the water, put it on their head, and run towards a jar at the other end of the playing area.  Squeeze the water into the jar and run back.  Continue on with the rest of the players.  The first team to fill the jar to overflowing wins.

5. Soap Fish


Make soap fish or another shape using molds you have on hand. Then send the kids out to “wash” the sidewalk. Great for bath time too!

6. ICE Bowling Ice Bowling - DIY Bowling Game with Ice (19)


DIY ICE BOWLING! Make balls of ice, fill water bottles or sports bottles with food coloring and water.

7. Ice Boats & Tin Foil River river 7

Reading Confetti: Make Ice Boats

Your child can race his ice boat down a tin foil river!

8. Water Bubble Blower


Indulgy: Water Bottle Bubble Blower 

9. Wet Sponge Hot Potato:  Everyone sits in a circle.  Play music or sing a song.  Pass the wet sponge around the circle.  When the music has ended (just play a short segment) or the song is over, the person left with the wet sponge can squeeze it over their head.  They can also choose to squeeze it over another child’s head.  Refill the wet sponge and play again.

10. Water Blob IMG_43711

Create a Water Blob! We Made That

For this one, you’ll need a few supplies like: Plastic Sheeting (15x25ft) Could use smaller
Duct Tape
Blue Food Color
Plastic Squishy Toys

11. Ball blast Use ropes to create a circle or square on your lawn. Place balls of varying sizes and weights inside. Give your child a hose and challenge her to push the balls out with the water in less than a minute.

12. Glow Lights glow light 000

Glow Bath Play Ideas: Growing a Jeweled Rose

This can be used in the tub or in the kitty pool.

13. Water Balloon Baseball. 


Water Balloon Baseball and more from Simply Real Moms 

14. Wet Sponge Basketball Divide the children into pairs and give each pair a wet sponge.  One child will hold their arms in a hoop in front of them.  The other will shoot for the hoop with the sponge.  Substitute hula hoops if they are available.

15. Magic Ice Chalkchalk ice 45

Another great idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose: Magic Ice Chalk.

16. Rainbow Bubbles 


Rainbow Bubble Snakes: Housing A Forest

17. Duck Duck Splash


Duck–Duck–SPLASH!: Kids Fun Reviewed

18. Water Babies: Fill up a water balloon and draw a face on it with a dark marker. Wrap him/her in a paper towel, then hand your kid  his new “baby.” See how long he can take care of it before it breaks.

19. Target Practicenumber target practice main

Who doesn’t like the words, “Target Practice?” This one is from Play Learn Imagine.

20. Water Chalk 


Water Chalk Fun: Play Create Explore

21. Liquid limbo: Use the stream from a water hose as the stick for a high-stakes game of limbo.

22. Swimming Pool Scrabble Pool Waiting

Water Scrabble: Toddler Approved. 

Love this idea and can’t wait to try it. All you need is a marker and a few sponges.

23. Duck Races 


Duck Races: The Fickle Pickle

24. Water Gun Tag: This one is pretty self explanatory, whoever is “it” gets to tag other with a cold squirt!

25. Trike Wash! 


Trike Car Wash: Apartment Therapy

26. Jump water: Run a strong stream of water from a garden hose back and forth like a snake under your child’s feet, allowing him to jump over it. With more kids, turn it into a competition: Whoever’s feet don’t get drenched wins!

27. Digging for Ice Treasures

IMG_8806 (Large)

Digging for Ice Tresures: Chasing Cheerios

28. Balloon Pinata 

Water-Balloon-PinatatWater Balloon Pinate: Ziggity Zoom 

29. Pool Ping Pong:  Float an inner tube in the center of the pool (a kiddie pool works great!), then toss a bunch of ping-pong balls in the water. Kids who know how to swim unassisted can jump in, retrieve the balls, and try to toss them in the tube.

30. Sponge Bombs by me 🙂 Click here for the DIY


31. Giant Bubbles 

big bubbleGiant Bubbles: Tatortots & Jello

Now you have 31 ideas to pull from the next time your brood says, “I’m hot.” What are some of your favorite kids’ activities to cool off? Let me know, I would love to add it to my list!

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