Have you ever had one of those moments when you fall to pieces? Motherhood seemed so picturesque until you can’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans, your child’s doctor gives you an unexpected diagnosis and marriage isn’t all candle light? Same here. 

My so called life fell to pieces and it was a mess. 

But here’s the question, is falling to pieces so bad? Falling apart may be just the best thing to happen to me or anyone. It allows us to become still, to look up as life carries us through heavy rapids. We can truly look at our lives in holy fragments as God plucks us out of the water as he  revives  while choosing the pieces to glue back together–making us more like him.

The picture will look different, imperfect, perfectly flawed but free to be who we are.

I’m not perfect and struggle with accepting grace for my past and the present. Leaving a life of hurt, anger, self-destruction and moving into a life centered in the palm of God’s hands is an incredible journey and I’d love to share it with you. (click here for that eye-opening moment). 

A little about me: I’m a mom to three kids, one with ADHD, another with Aspergers and was a teen mom. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. By day, I’m a mama, laundry washer, writer and by night I work in production at a News Station. I’m also the author of Mama Needs a Time Out and am agented through Books & Such which my amazing agent is busy shopping two other projects while I work on a third. 

You can find me most of the time speaking to moms all across Nebraska, drinking coffee or on Facebook. But I hope to find you on here! 


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 What You’ll Find Here! 

I’m here to share my mess, to be open about my journey as a woman–living a life redeemed, to share my real mom life, and reflect on grace, change, letting go and imperfection. You’ll find inspiration and encouragement in the following:

  • Beauty in the unexpected (moments when life throws you a curve ball like teen pregnancy, infertility, special needs children).
  • Learning to “Be Still”. This includes learning to be content in the season I’m in and having a good attitude.
  • Being perfectly imperfect.
  • Tips to be a good mom when you don’t feel like it, learning to have a good attitude in all seasons.
  • Learning to feed your body and soul. Good recipes to feed and heal your body and word morsels for your soul! Tips on CLEAN EATING.
  • Reflections on life and how to focus on really matters as a woman and mom.

So exactly is in it for you?  A quick recap: Tips, advice, and transparency from one mom to another, a chance to connect with someone who is willing to be real and reflect what God is doing in her heart as a woman and mom. Not to mention, recipes, crafts to connect with your kids, and tips to make life a little easier! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter!! 

It’s about living a life redeemed after being saved by love. It’s about encouraging real moms in real life.

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