A special post as I reflect on mother’s day as an author, encouraging others in motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day! And if you haven’t gotten a copy of Mama Needs a Time Out, it’s on sale for $2.99 on E-Christian, Kindle & Nook.

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I’m don’t think much for mother’s day. There’s still dishes in the sink, piles of laundry to be tackled, fights to break up, and the strain of teaching “say Okay and obey,” to strong-willed, blue-eyed babes. And we still have to tell ourselves often to take a time-out and breathe.

The labor of motherhood continues to dance through each day. And you know what–that is motherhood.A dance. One in which we are the lead partner forever spinning our children through life. Guiding them building character, teaching them to step back into submission, twirling them into the joy of God’s little things: ice cream after church on Sundays, kisses at sunset tucked in bed, picking dandelions, the freedom of walking home from school.

Motherhood isn’t a sweet dance either. Let’s not forget the tantrums, sassing and correcting poor choices. This is when we wonder if we can sit this number out or plow through it. This is when our guidance tempers their memories, adds to their character and creates a bond like none other.Guidance under grace.

As mother’s day approaches, I sigh, pushing back my bangs and think, how undeserving am I? Recent mess ups trickle in, tripping my steps. Am I a good mom? Will my kids be okay despite the fact I howl when a shoe is untied or have to because I didn’t come to the rescue over a lost toy? Let’s not mention the “Hurry ups” or other impatient remarks.

As my heart begins to sink under the unmet expectations of motherhood and my lack of leadership as a mom, Jesus steps in taking the lead through the dance of grace, reminding me each day is a new day. Each moment is a chance to reflect him, and when I don’t, he loves me anyway.

Instead of sitting out on parts of motherhood, let’s embrace it. Let’s reflect our dance partner as he leads us and let’s lavish love on our wide-eyed babes and our half-grown children. Let’s labor through the messes, reflecting our imperfections and flaws, allowing our children to see who we really are. Maybe we can show ourselves to others who wonder if they too–aren’t the only ones with two left feet.


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