Growing In Hope Anyway

Hope creates and maintains a different reality as we learn to untangle ourselves from what we thought it should be. All of the unbecoming in order to become is a messy process but the new reality is unimaginatively better. You will realize that everything that happened was supposed to and you are right where God meant for you to be because you were holding onto hope anyway.

How to Let Your Light Shine & Help Our Kids Shine Too

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” We have all hummed this catchy little tune a time or two. It is based on Matthew 5:16. Jesus had just finished healing thousands and giving us the gift of the eight beatitudes.  Jesus wasn’t talking about making sure we turned on our porch lights at night. He was talking about letting the Holy Spirit shine brightly within us. The Holy Spirit is sent to each believer to dwell with us. This “glow” means the light within you is how you allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit.

I’m astonished and humbled and I have YOU to thank for taking 3rd in nationals.

A humbling THANK YOU to the Nebraska Press Women for their strength, support and belief in me. Without them, my columns never would’ve made it to nationals. I also want to thank the HelpCare Clinic for honoring me with this press release. The board and the executive director have been my champions and cheerleaders for…

Family Prayer Scriptures for Journaling Week 6

To start a scripture based prayer journal with your family, click here: Prayer Journals for the Whole Family.  What a week! We walked through Passover, Good Friday, and finally made it to Easter, the day of hope. If you’re journaling with your family, here are Scriptures that grabbed my heart’s need for hope last week.  I…