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Welcome to Creative Connections Co.

For years, I’ve harbored a dream in my heart, a vision of using my gifts as a writer and social media guru to propel businesses toward growth and success. Yet, like many dreamers, I hesitated to take that pivotal leap of faith. It was a daunting prospect, with uncertainty and trepidation. But then, amidst the doubt and hesitation, a simple truth dawned on me: Making a dream a reality requires just one thing – that initial, courageous step forward.

Reflecting on this journey, I’ve come to realize that every experience and every role I’ve undertaken has been a crucial piece of the puzzle preparing me for this moment. From my formative years as a writer and journalist, the years working in marketing, to my time spent navigating the intricacies of rebuilding and reviving the community at the Minden Chamber of Commerce, each chapter has contributed to shaping my expertise and sharpening my skills.

Today, as I stand at the beginning of this new endeavor, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. I’m so thrilled to embrace this opportunity fully, to leverage my knowledge, creativity, and insights to guide businesses toward their goals.

And for those looking for a little inspiration, I’m here to share my musings of Growing Boldly with you too.

At Creative Connections Co. you can visit for insight, tips, and collaboration for your business or if you just need an encouraging word.

Stay tuned for updates on my next book too!

Explore my NEW Website and you could receive one or more of the following gifts!

A Free Month of my social media services which includes:

  • 2 Strategy Meeting Sessions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Social Media Audit
  • SMM Optimization
  • 20 high-quality posts per month per channel
  • Daily monitoring
  • Weekly proactive engagement
  • Influencer engagement
  • Promo Campaign Execution and Analysis

A Free Social Media done-for-you Calendar.

  • Includes 212 prompts to engage your audience.
  • 93 high converting call to action.
  • 150 Viral captions and hooks.

One lucky person will receive 31 days of social media motivational quotes.

One lucky person will receive a free non-fiction book proposal template.

Two lucky people will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

Here are Some Ways to Play Along:

Visit my website and leave comments with the following information:

  • For Each Page Visited tell me something you learned.
  • The more comments you leave the more chances you’ll get for prizes.
  • Leave comments in the comments section at the bottom of this page.
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Prize recipients will be announced on Facebook on March 8th. To be eligible for prizes, you must participate in any of the ways described above, by Tuesday, March 7th.

To be eligible for prizes you must provide your email address with your comment, in order to contact you if you are not on social media. You will not be added to my email list unless you request to be added. Thanks for playing along!

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