Welcome! Heather Riggleman is learning to accept the mess after chasing perfect for too many years. She's a hard working, Jesus loving mom as an author, journalist, columnist and content director of Nebraska's newest magazine HT: Living. She's a truth teller, word weaver as she windowshops small towns, chugs down her favorite coffee or brings stories to her readers on all platforms. She uncovers people and shares their stories of hope, triumph, faith, and more.

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Chasing Perfect

It’s Ok to not be Ok

Why I talk about depression is so maybe someone else can heal. There’s this question doctors ask if you’ve been injured: “On a scale of one to 10, one meaning manageable and 10 the toughest pain you’ve ever encountered, how would you rate your pain?” I’ve been asked this dozens of times, when I was in labor with my kids, when I wrapped my Suburban around an electrical pole, after several surgeries, and, thankfully, from a counselor when I was … Read More...

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