Welcome! Heather Riggleman is learning to accept the mess after chasing perfect for too many years. She's a hard working, Jesus loving mom as an author, journalist, columnist and content director of Nebraska's newest magazine HT: Living. She's a truth teller, word weaver as she windowshops small towns, chugs down her favorite coffee or brings stories to her readers on all platforms. She uncovers people and shares their stories of hope, triumph, faith, and more.

She's honored to connect with you here!

Chasing Perfect

I’m not a runner, I’m a finisher

I love to run. In fact, my latest pair of pink Brooks running shoes have a hole in them from all the months of training for the Lincoln Half Marathon that took place in May. I haven’t thrown them away because that race taught me something. It taught me to run to the things that scare me to death instead of running away because when you run, you put even more distance between yourself and the solution to your problem. I’m in my 30s and only … Read More...

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