Heather Riggleman calls Nebraska home (Hey, it’s not for everyone). She roams small towns looking for stories and coffee with her husband and three kids. She writes to bring the perspective of bold truths and raw faith into universal concepts women face from marriage, career, mental health, depression, faith, relationships, to celebration and heartache. She's honored to connect with you here!

Chasing Perfect

Learning to Live In Between

It’s 2:58 a.m. God and I have been meeting a lot like this lately. In the middle of one thing or another. In the middle of the mess. In the middle of life. In the middle of open-ended questions. In the very middle of my story.  While he may not have a need for slumber I do. My body yearns for the covers. My mind aches to be relieved of its duties. It's barely been a week since I was released from the hospital. One moment I was … Read More...

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