Heather Riggleman is learning to accept the mess after chasing perfect for too many years.
She's a hard working, Jesus loving mom as an author, editor, columnist, former journalist, and speaker.
She's a truth teller and word weaver as she shares stories of hope, triumph through raw faith and bold truth.

She's honored to connect with you here!

Chasing Perfect

Waking up in the dark

4:02 a.m. Something interrupts my sleep in the middle of this twilight – predawn moment. The sound gets louder as I stumble downstairs and the on button to the coffee pot knowing I'll need more than my usual 10 cup daily limit. Annoyed and barefoot I step out to the back patio with my journal. There my sleep-waker is perched on the gutter. She tilts her head towards me and chirps at me as if to invite me into her conversation. I … Read More...

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