Welcome! Heather Riggleman is learning to accept the mess after chasing perfect for too many years.
She's a hard working, Jesus loving mom as an author, journalist, columnist and editor.
She's a truth teller and word weaver as she shares stories of hope, triumph, faith, and more.

She's honored to connect with you here!

Chasing Perfect

She had the audacity to tell me I have it all together…if she only knew

  I wrestle my hair into the straightener cussing after the hot iron brands my neck like a middle-schooler slinking into gym class with a hickey on her neck. I decide it's too tender to put makeup on it and rush to get dressed, tripping over my own feet because apparently I still haven't learned one should really put her pants on one leg at a time.  I run downstairs to usher my kids out the door with less than 20 minutes to get … Read More...

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