My Husband’s Sobriety, God is Making All Things New

As my eyes fixed upon the shattered glass at my feet, frozen in the aftermath, I couldn’t fathom how the very glass I had unloaded gracefully from the dishwasher had chosen this dramatic path and sent my heart thundering.

In the realm of this recovery journey, it’s akin to a delicate dance, a constant expectation, waiting for the unforeseen triggers to drop like the other shoe. The subtle clink of ice hitting the bottom of a glass, the fizz of a soda can, the smell of Gatorade and Sprite, or the symphony of glass shattering all catapult me back to the days of navigating Chris’ drinking—an unwelcome encore of what used to be our norm.

Yet, this shattering isn’t confined to dishware; it echoes the broader fractures in our broken world. Deep within, we all sense that things aren’t as they should be. Since sin, sickness, and death made their entrance in Genesis 3, even the most beautiful aspects of our lives bare the scars.

We ache for God’s restoration, for our bodies to be whole again, for life to regain its pre-addiction rhythm. Meanwhile, we find ourselves in a constant battle with our fight-or-flight instincts, teetering on the edge without realizing how close we are to the precipice.

Amidst our struggle to reconcile with harsh realities, there’s an innate desire for someone to swoop in and “fix it,” to shortcut the pain. Well-meaning individuals offer prayer and say they’re available but actions speak louder than words. And often I find myself retreating from any connection except one.

Enter Jesus—the cosmic fixer of our deepest need. He descended from heaven not just to mend but to transform us into new creations. God, in His unfathomable wisdom, takes the suffering, sin, our messes, and choices that Satan hopes will obliterate us and redeems it for our good and His glory. While believers experience daily renewal, the yearning for complete restoration persists. Don’t you feel it too?

In the crescendo of Revelation 21:1-4, the Apostle John captures the heart’s cravings in God’s promises:

– Every tear will be tenderly wiped away; the reign of death, sorrow, addiction, disease, crying, and pain will surrender.

Then, like an emphatic exclamation point, Revelation 21:5 rings out:

“And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’

In the Greek, “behold” also carries the meaning “be sure to see.” Our compassionate Savior bends down to raise our weary heads, urging us to keep our sights set on Him as He whispers, “Don’t miss this, for these promises will redefine everything for you!”

Oh, dear friend, despite the shards of brokenness around us, Jesus is in the business of making everything not just new, but astoundingly greater! The renewal we yearn for WILL come to pass. Brokenness will cease its torment, and our faith will blossom—healing our flightiness.

Amid the fragmented mess, these promises may seem elusive, but the One who once humbly rode on a donkey toward His death for us now reigns in victory on the throne. We can anchor our trust in His words: He is indeed making all things new.

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