Navigating Sobriety with Transparency: Supporting my Husband and Embracing Healing

This season has proven more challenging than I could have imagined. To be completely honest, the last month went beyond physical exhaustion; my soul was weary, and the sense of falling short and shame weighed heavily on me. Years of seclusion, keeping a carefully crafted happy family image of life unraveled abruptly when my husband’s addiction took center stage.
Instead of hiding it, the harsh reality was exposed— hospital stays, ER visits, detoxing, counseling, and more. What was supposed to symbolize a new beginning felt more like navigating a storm, desperately treading water. The burden of failure hung over me.
Life hit me hard with soul-deep exhaustion as my husband’s addiction unfolded. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, and desired to conceal the mess. It was easier to live this way because I knew he couldn’t change on his own. It was easier to hide than it was to fight, plead, and or argue with him. It was easier to secretly hope my high school sweetheart and best friend would find his own way back. It was easier to try on our own than to be judged or deal with misguided advice and judgment. And while I didn’t want anyone to know, I desperately longed for our family to heal. I desperately longed to see him get better.
In the silence and the aftermath, fears surfaced and became reality—losing friendships, losing anonymity, losing the ability to hide from rejection and judgment.
Enter Jesus, taking the wheel, and I questioned, “Now what?” His whisper echoed: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”
He knew what we eventually discover: In a broken world, with broken people, sometimes our lives are shattered.
Initially intended for Israel’s exiles, this verse extends to us all. God possesses boundless power to heal, regardless of the mess or timing. He’s the ultimate fixer-upper, delving into our past messes to mend our souls.
“He heals” isn’t a one-time trick; it’s an ongoing divine Band-Aid for the brokenhearted. God’s care is an eternal supply, always there as much and as long as we need.
“Brokenhearted” in Hebrew delves deep—it encompasses the mind, will, and emotions. Thus, God has the cure for various wounds—physical, mental, emotional, you name it.
He’s not just a healer; He’s the ultimate wound dresser. God takes time to delicately bandage our life’s messes, revealing His genuine care. His healing power is unmatched, His love immeasurable, and He’s skilled in fixing every kind of wound.
✔️If our wounds are physical, He can heal them.
✔️If our wounds are mental, He can heal them.
✔️If our wounds are emotional, He can heal those, too.
He doesn’t abandon us with our mess; God waltzes in, patches up our broken hearts, and tends to every wound.
Frustration, hurt, fear, or feeling abandoned? God says, “Trust me.” Instead of sojourning solo unraveling life’s mess, I’m finding He’s there to help pick up the pieces and create beauty from the ashes.
But in the process, we must be willing to hold on. And remember: He does not abandon us with our wounds. God steps into our lives, heals our broken hearts and binds up every wound.
He reminds us that when we think we can’t move forward and heal, He holds us up and says, “Yes, you can.”

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